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UK Series 2 Lightweight Melée Winner

Slippery Strana

Our Team for UK Robot Wars '98
The car behind is a Toyota !


Here's our laid back team, outside the Series 2 competition venue in Royal Victoria Dock, London. Team Captain Charlie, his brother Alex with arm in a sling, and me. Oh, and Slippery Strana, looking er . . . slippery.

Deciding on the team name The Axle Grinders took us about 3 months, but we were inspired by the number of hours we spent grinding threads off the M12 bolts we used as axles.

Inventing a team name was hard enough, but it took us over 5 months to invent a robot name! Click hereto find out how Slippery Strana eventually got its name.

Charlie was the wizard on the radio control. I just drove the real car and carried the credit card.

To see some more of Charlie, please click hereor here.


(Click the picture for a bigger view)

Here it is - Slippery Strana with BATTLE SCARS.

Click on Battle Scarsto read about our mini-combat,

Or click hereto see pictures of Spartacus, the robot that gave us the hardest time.

Our main design aims were that Slippery Strana should be :

VISIBLE(click hereto see how)

FAST(click herefor a quick explanation), and

UNBREAKABLE(click hard hereto read about it)

It's not from the same mould as your average angular grey metallic robot!

The little red balls are to protect us from Slippery Strana's chisel-sharp spikes(click hereto read about the spikes).

(Click the picture for a bigger view)

Our robot with accompanying shoes!

Matrix Mouldings Small Logo

Probably our most important part, the amazingly tough top, was made for us by our sponsorsMatrix Mouldingsin Bristol.

Peter Finch is a Partner there, and he and his team are a most friendly and approachable bunch.

Please click hereor on their logo to read how Peter's crew, Wiz, Charlie and Justin made Slippery Strana possible.

Definition Of A Robot
I hope you agree that this depends entirely on context. I'd say an automatic door is a sort of robot, and so is the machine that lifts up your car to have its exhaust fixed.

To qualify for Robot Wars, all you need is a radio controlled buggy with some bite. Some entries to Robot Wars would hardly be classed as robots by the folks who made 'B' movies in the early 1950s, but in the context of a televised battle of mechanical warriers, our entry Slippery Strana is certainly an OK robot.

The 1998 / Series 2 Overall Winner

Congratulations To Panic Attack - UK Series 2 Champions!

In December 98 we took Slippery Strana to the Charity Event in Wales, organised by the Panic Attack robot team.

Click on the poster for a few (two !) of my pictures from the charity event, and to read about Slippery Strana's encounter with the giant see-saw obstacle in the Llantarnam school mini - arena.

Llantarnam poster

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