About Spartacus And The Spartacus Team

Just some lovely pictures for now from the Spartacus folks, who now have their own web site.
Pop over to the Spartacus site to read about their Series 3 plans and watch for progress on Spartacus' successor called The General.


The robot that severely bit our backside, sporting its serious jaw.


Spartacus, sporting its serious jaw

The robot with BITE

Inside Spartacus

A lot of robot in a very small package.

You know they had to add cement to bring Spartacus UP to the weight limit!

(left to right)

Alan, Derek Foxwell (of Mentorn) and Haydn

Alan, Derek Foxwell and Haydn

Haydn, Tom and Alan

Stephen Carsey, Producer (at the time) of Robot Wars Series 2, with Tom and Alan


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