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UK Robot Wars 1998 Lightweight melée winner. www.

In 1998, Charlie built a robot
and called it


Slippery Strana

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We got our
Charlie, Thinking A Great Idea

UK Robot Wars Badge = !
(Great Idea!)

We found our Sponsor

Top Quality Matrix Mouldings

We built our Robot
(see how, below)
If you want to build one too ... Alan Baker's Superb Tech. Manual ... you really should read this first. (However! It's no longer available on

We surprised our competitors Damacles, Rosebud, Shadow Fiend and Spartacus although SPARTACUS DID give us a nasty bite ! A Nasty Bite!

Finally, we put the story of

Slippery Strana on the WWW !

To read our story and see our pictures . . .

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Slippery Strana's Robot Wars project was inspired and motivated by Charles Dale-Staples.
It was sponsored and supported by Matrix Mouldings of Bristol, England.
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