What To Call The Darn Robot !

Aggressive Or Elusive
We first had to decide whether the style or 'theme' of our robot name would be either aggressive (Grrr!) - if we fitted the biggest enemy-walloping weapon in the country, or elusive (Yah ! Boo !) - if we could avoid being trapped or tipped or smashed.

As our robot grew from prototype to production we realised we couldn't choose an aggressive name, because we didn't have room or time (or money) to add clever nasty weapons.

So it would have to be 'elusive', and be called something like 'Snake', or 'Grease', or . . . or . . ?.

We were rather impressed by the lickety-split speeds that the prototype could reach, so we held onto a 'Slippery' theme - but it needed something more.

Thinking Deeply
Well we thought and thought and argued (mildly) and thought some more. When we had ruled out everything sensible, logical and sane, we were left only with something surreal or something sexy. Now some might argue, but Robot Wars is a (sort of) family program, so we had to be careful.

Then eventually, one evening after a ninth coffee, Charlie coupled his intellect to his endocrine glands, combined the surreal with the sexy, and created the word 'Strana' - from strawberry and banana.

Blimey !
Weird - yes. Guaranteed unique - yes. Sufficiently cryptic to avoid hassle from the censors - yes.

It had to do. Slippery Strana was named.

If you decode the sexy significance, don't tell the children.




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