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Our Robot's Sponsor And Suppliers

New!Matrix Mouldings' Own Web Site !

Sales (UK FreePhone) 0800 0744788
Tel: +44 117 971 5145
Fax: +44 117 977 8388

Unit 8, Central Trading Estate, Bath Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 3EH, England


Our Generous Sponsors for UK Robot Wars 1998. Made our most significant single component, the unbreakable glass fibre shell.

Built exactly to spec., within our panicky-tight time frame.

Please click here for news and pictures of some of the lovely stuff that Matrix Mouldings has done recently.

 Bosch   GmbH

Makers of the motors and hand tools we used.

Gold Star Welding & Fabrication
Rockhill Estate, Wellsway, Keynsham
Bristol BS18 1PE
Tel: +44 117 986 0700

Dave Edgell made Slippery Strana's weapons, the two 10inch cold-chisel shaped steel spikes. (He made them with just a few hours' notice - and even painted them !)

Avery, Knight & Bowlers
Engineering Limited
James Street West, Bath, BA1 2BT
Tel: +44 1225 425896

With cheerful tolerance of our occasionally odd engineering questions, 'AK & B' sold us assorted metalwork, angle iron, locknuts, threaded rods, bolts etc.. (Rumour: an AK & B web site is coming soon!)

Sainsbury's HomeBase

Supplied lots of our tools and some materials and generously 'loaned' us a just-in-case Bosch drill. We also did most of our late night testing and rehearsing-for-battle in their huge new car park.

BSL Limited
Unit 1, Wells Road,
Bath BA2 3AP
+44 1225 335755

BSL spent a lot of time helping us find exactly the right pillow-block bearing, even though we spent very little money! Excellent service. Excellent web site too.

RS Components Ltd
URL updated October 1999

Supplied our giant ball-bearing 'castor' and some tools, but more significantly RS Components now sponsors UK Series 2 winners - Team Panic. Great news for Team Panic because RS Components is a high quality and highly regarded company.

Weston Super Models
55 Orchard Street, Weston-super-Mare
BS23 1RJ England
Tel: +44 1934 622938

Where we bought our Futuba radio control gear

Futuba Corporation
Somewhere in Japan I presume ?
(C'mon Futuba, please get a WWW presence!)

We now use a Futuba Skysport 4

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Robot-Wars-Specific Credits and Links

The official UK Robot Wars site

Once curiously small and opaque web pages, but now curiously giant and airy!!
(There was, until a few years ago ...) Always a healthy
dialogue on their Discussion Board.


Spartacus (Series 2)
Hazzard and The General (Series 3)
Nicely engineered robots.
Pop over and have a look.

Spartacus fought Slippery Strana in the Series 2 melée and Hazzard joined us at Elstree Studios for the aborted Series 3 Lightweight filming.


Team Panic's Home Page

The team who WON the 1998 Series 2 challenge and who hosted the successful Charity Event in Cwmbran, Wales, UK in December 1998. Read my brief report with a (very) few pictures here.

Tectonic RobotWars UK

David Mountjoy's superb site boasts the largest selection of named Series 3 robots available on the internet, with links, interviews and the constuction diary of TRACIE's successor, SHARON.

Robot Wars 101
(Broken link! Has Dave gone?)

Pete Collier's Panda-Monium pages are (were?) proof that there are many ways to make a web site. I should take some lessons from him. Great site. Easy to navigate and chock full of info and humour.

The Dangerous Machines Home Page
once boasted the largest collection
of RobotWars links
Dangerous Machines Links Page

Gone! It was an excellent USA site, but no longer there.

Team Nightmare- the source for Robot Combat info!
One of the longest-established and most authoritative
USA based robot combat sites.

Team Nightmare. Jim Smentowski has a long-established web site and maintains his many links with some automated Java wizardry. Most impressive!

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